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The feature list cites only bibliographic information. The number and publication issue of the Choice review are also provided, to assist readers wishing detailed evaluations of the titles. In addition, Choice Reviews tags all reviews that have been designated as Outstanding Academic Titles.

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You need to automate the transformations of DITA/Docbook documents to WebHelp output for desktop and mobile devices, outside of Oxygen XML Editor ( from a command line).

The English/ Language Teaching (E/LT) Division offers a wide range of resources for the study of English as a Second Language (ESL) and Modern Languages.

Locate the latest software updates, service request, technical documentation, solutions and more in your personalized environment.

Final authority for all aspects of content rests with the Office of the Provost. All material submitted for publication in the undergraduate bulletin must be cleared through the academic editor, Helen Doerpinghaus, associate provost and dean of undergraduate affairs. For the graduate bulletin, clearance must be obtained through Cheryl Addy, Dean of the Graduate School.

To submit a document for a price quote and sample edit, please click here . For an accurate quote, please send your entire document for the sample edit. We must have the complete document to evaluate the cost. In some instances, we will evaluate a portion of a document.  Please note, however, that without the entire document, we cannot provide you with a firm price quote.

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