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1. Skydiving:plane requires constant refueling
2. Soccer: constantly traveling around the glove.
burning plenty of fossil fuels around the way
: emit pollution
events draw large crowd of people
4. Skiing and snowboarding: energy goes into making gear
5. Golf: use 4 billion gallons water everday

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As recently as a year ago, his very public role as one of the leading Conservative agitators favoring Brexit had dimmed his political prospects. He was considered a powerless back-bencher, unlikely to ever join the leadership under either the self-consciously Europhilic David Cameron or any of Cameron’s likely heirs.

Union spokesperson for welfare, community and diversity, Jo Swo, said the situation had caused “a tremendous amount of anxiety and inconvenience for Muslim students as it has made them feel observed and treated like an inconvenience to the University”.

From big data to little data: trends, uses (and abuses) in higher education, government and policymaking.

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