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  • argumentative 1640s, pertaining to arguments, from L. argumentat-, from pp. stem of argumentari (see argue) + -ive. Meaning fond of arguing is recorded from 1660s.
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  • Grammatical range and accuracy: The model answer uses a wide range of grammatical devices appropriate to academic writing. These include conditionals ( If… ), participle clauses ( …, increasing the… ), concessive clauses ( while it
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  • The Writing Center primarily assists student writers across the curriculum with free, one-to-one conferences. By request, the Center may also visit your class, run workshops for your students or faculty, assign a specific consultant to your course or
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  • Harvard announced the investigation publicly on August 30, 2012. [1] Dean of undergraduate education Jay M. Harris justified the announcement as a springboard to raise awareness and a teachable moment . [4] [28] A senior under investigation
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  • People make mistakes. When it comes to writing, people often make LOTS of mistakes. While some writers struggle with grammar, others find it difficult to control being too “wordy.” Still, some aren’t quite sure what to

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